Buying Guide

Looking to buy a new dog bed? Check out our essential guide

Looking to buy a new dog bed? Check out our essential guide

Dog Bed Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best dog bed for your furry friend? Before making the decision, read this Dog Bed Buying Guide, so you know what factors you have to consider when choosing the best bed for your puppy.

The first thing you have to know is that dogs are animals of habits and territories. That is, habits are more important to them than we can imagine. Just as it is very important for doggys to mark some spaces as their territory.

This is why choosing a bed for your puppy is important. Since he could get stressed if, for example, he has to change beds often or has to sleep in a place that is not comfortable for him.

So before buying the bed for your dog, review this guide that will help you choose the best bed for your dog.

1. Think about the size

The first thing you have to consider is the size of the dog bed you are going to buy. Consider, if your dog is still a puppy, how much will it grow. And also, keep in mind that dogs sleep in different positions, just like humans, so the size of the bed must be adequate so that your dog can fit fully stretched out, and not just rolled into a ball.

2. Where are you going to place the bed?

This is an important factor since depending on the location of the bed, you also have to think about the size and material. For example; If the bed will be outside, you should consider a type of material that resists.

3. Think about the safety and comfort of your dog

Depending on the breed and character of your dog, you have to consider that its bed is comfortable and safe. For example, if your dog has a powerful bite and it is his favorite hobby, you have to make sure that his bed is made of a resistant material that he cannot ingest. You will also have to evaluate the climate and your dog's coat to ensure it does not get hot or cold.

Types of dog beds

Now that you have thought about these facts, know what the different types of dog beds are, and their characteristics so that you can choose the best option for you and your furry friend.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Our range of water proof dog beds

The Waterproof Dog Beds are highly recommended for puppies and adult dogs. Since bathroom accidents will not be as big a problem compared to beds made of absorbent materials.

Also, they are the best option for exteriors, since they are resistant to rain and do not keep bad odors or generate fungi and bacteria caused by humidity.

Heavy Duty Dog Beds

Our range of heavy duty dog beds

For hyperactive breed dogs with powerful bites, a Heavy Duty Dog Bed is a good option. The resistant materials with which they are made mean that your dog can have fun with his bed without destroying it, and you have to buy a new one in a short time.

Machine Washable Dog Beds

Our range of machine washable dog beds

If it is about practicality, Machine Washable Dog Beds are the option. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your dog's bed, either because it is still a puppy or because it loves to go out and play outside and then go back to take a nap, these types of beds that can be machine washed are very useful. You save time and energy.

Dog Mattresses

Our range of dog mattresses

For those dogs that love to stretch to the max, Dog Mattresses are perfect. These allow your dog more freedom than a traditional bed. They're also a good idea if you're not sure how many more your puppy will grow.

Dog Crate Pads

Our range of dog crate pads

If your dog sleeps inside a dog crate, you will need to get a Dog Crate Pad. Make sure it is comfortable enough so that your dog does not hit the grid under his bed. And he also takes care that the size is the right one for his cage.

Check out all the options that Country Dog Beds have for your best friend.