5 ways to make your dog love its bed

How to get my dog to use its Dog Bed

How to get my dog to use its Dog Bed

Sometimes when we buy a new bed for our dog, we are surprised when we get home excited to show it to him, but our dog is just not interested in it. It doesn't matter that you've chosen the comfiest bed you could find for your furry friend, he is just not interested in using it.

If you find yourself in this situation, or you want to buy a new bed for your puppy, and you fear that this will happen. Don't worry! In this blog we will tell you what you have to make to get your dog to use its new bed.

5 Tips to get your dog to use its new dog bed

The first thing you have to know is that this is a common thing. Even with totally comfortable beds for our 4legs friends like those of Country Bed Dog. This happens because our furries are animals of habit, and it takes them some time to adapt to new things. And this is where you can help him.

1. Be consistent

As we have already said, our furry friends are creatures of habit. So they need to be clear about where is the place to sleep. If you are not consistent and let your dog sleep on the couch one day and force him to sleep in his bed the next, you will only confuse him.

2. Smells

Smells are very important to dogs. This is the sense that guides them the most. It is very likely that your dog will not find his new bed attractive because he does not like its smell. What you have to do is change the smell.

You can rub your hands on the bed or even sit on it, so that your pet begins to be interested and above all to smell your aroma in bed.

You can also put a t-shirt of yours covering your dog's bed or the favorite toys of your furry.

3. Choose a good location.

Place your dog's bed in a place in the house that he likes, that where he always lies down to take a nap. Of course, if you have no problem with him sleeping near you, that will make things easier. Otherwise, try to make it a warm and quiet place.

If you're just replacing his old bed, put the new one where the old one was.

4. Make the bed more attractive

If your dog has a favorite blanket or sweater, you can place it on the bed, this will make it more attractive to him.

You can also play with him on his bed and leave his favorite toys there.

5. Reward it the first few times.

Positive incentives work much better than negative ones with dogs. Scolding him for not sleeping in his bed, will only make him reject the bed more.

Instead, rewarding him the first few times he approaches it, or uses it, will make your dog really enjoy his new bed.

Have a little patience and be consistent with these tips. Without a doubt, your dog will not only start using his new bed, but he will love it.