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Benefits of waterproof dog beds

Benefits of waterproof dog beds

Are you looking for the best bed for your dog and considering a waterproof one?

It doesn't matter if you just adopted a puppy, or if your furry friend is already an adult, they always deserve a good bed in which they can rest.

Dog beds are more important than we think. That is their favourite place, where they go when they want to rest when they are worried or anxious, and when they need a place to feel safe.

Have you seen how dogs scratch their bed from time to time before going to bed, no matter what material it is? Well, this is a way of marking their territory. Dogs not only mark their territory by urinating, but they also do it through the smell secreted by the glands found on their legs.

Thus, dogs consider their bed as their territory, and you have to know that it is very important that your dog has a place that can be totally his.

We know that this can be inconvenient with dogs that have a lot of energy and like to destroy their bed, so it is important that you choose the right bed for your furry friend.

Waterproof dog beds

In this article, we will tell you about a magnificent bed option for your dog, the waterproof dog beds.

These beds have several benefits and are highly recommended for certain types of dogs. So keep reading that we tell you all about waterproof dog beds, so you can make the best decision for your doggy.

Benefits of waterproof dog beds

The material with which the waterproof dog beds are made provides them with great benefits. Not only for the furry ones but also for their human guardians. Why? Let's see some of its features

Highly hygienic

Perhaps the feature that humans like most about this type of dog bed is its Highly hygienic.

Water, moisture and urine, over time, penetrate the deep tissues of fabric and other non-water resistant materials.

This generates the growth of bacteria, which in the long run will bring with it a bad smell and the putrefaction of the fabric. Without proper and continuous cleaning, these beds will have a very short useful life.

On the other hand, a waterproof bed will keep the padding clean and hygienic for much longer. In addition, cleaning the coating is also much easier.

These beds can be wiped clean and even some of these beds, like the one from Country Dog Beds, can be machine washed.

Durable and Dog-Proof materials

The materials with which they are made are not only resistant to water, but they are also resistant to dogs. The waterproof material is very difficult to pierce, so it is almost impossible for your dog to tear it or remove the padding.

You can be sure that the investment you will make by buying a waterproof dog bed will be long-term.

Comfort for 4-legged friends

Comfortable dog bed

Of course, one aspect that we cannot ignore when we are about to choose the bed for our furry friend is its comfort. Waterproof dog beds are not only practical for humans, but they are also very comfortable for dogs.

Its resistant materials allow the filling of the bed to be abundant and fluffy. In addition, the protective fabric helps the padding wear less than with other materials, making your dog's bed soft and elastic for much longer.

What types of dogs are waterproof beds recommended for?

Now that you know its characteristics, let's see what kind of pets this type of bed is ideal for.

Of course, these beds can be used by any dog, regardless of breed, size or energy. But in some cases, they represent even more advantages.

The best option for old doggie with urine control problems

As our dogs age, some begin to have urine control problems. Just like it happens to humans, only it is very difficult to get a dog to wear a diaper.

This situation can become very stressful for them since if they have been educated not to urinate inside the house, they will be worried about being scolded.

The waterproof dog beds are a great advantage in these situations. Since cleaning them is much easier and faster. Which will allow you to stay calm and not stress your puppy every time he has an accident.

New Puppy

If you have just adopted a puppy and still need to train them, a waterproof bed will be your great ally.

Before your pup is potty trained, it's possible that he'll have a few accidents in his bed. Although dogs do not usually urinate or defecate in the places where they sleep, puppies do not have control over their sphincters until after 4 months. So accidents will happen.

Outdoor Bed

If your dog's bed is in the garden or patio, a waterproof bed is a great idea. Beds that are not waterproof wear out easily being outside. They also accumulate moisture, which makes them generate bad odours and can even cause fungus to sprout on them.

With a waterproof bed, you won't have that problem. Its cleaning is quick and easy. And its material makes its durability outside much longer than beds made of other types of material.

Dogs with a lot of energy

If your dog is very restless and playful, you will already know what this can lead to. Including the hours dedicated to cleaning.

This is another advantage of waterproof beds. No matter what your furry friend's mischief is. Whether he steals a bottle full of water to bite into, or rolls around in a puddle and then comes into the house to lay down on his bed.

With a waterproof bed, cleaning is much easier, so you will save time on that. Also, if your puppy likes to bite and play with his bed, the resistant material with which this type of bed is made will make it really difficult to destroy it.

If you have decided that this is the best option for your dog, take a look at Country Dog Beds beds, made with the highest quality materials that will provide your puppy with complete food and long durability.

Rectangular Waterproof Dog BedOval Waterproof Dog Bed

You can find them in two different designs: Rectangular or Oval and in different colours so you can choose the one that best suits your furry-friends personality.

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